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Virginia Run Architectural Review Board (ARB) Digital Application Form

  1. ARB Applications
    Applications to Virginia Run's Architecture Review Board can be made via paper copies, or using this online form. Paper copies (Architechture and Design Standards Appendix A) can be mailed/delivered to:

    Virginia Run - ARB
    15355 Wetherburn Court
    Centreville, VA 20120
  2. Applicant and Lot Information
    Please enter homeowner information, including property address where the proposed work will occur.
  3. Pipestem*
    Is your lot on, or adjacent to, a pipestem?
  4. Neighboring Owner's Acknowledgements
    Neighbors most affected by your project (due to having a view of the change or being next door to you) must acknowledge that you are submitting an application. This acknowledgement does not constitute approval/agreement with your project, it only indicates that they are aware you are submitting the application.

    Please upload documentation that includes your neighbor's name, address, and proof that they have acknowledged this application.

    If you cannot gain your neighbor's acknowledgement, please provide management/ARB with a description of the efforts you have made to contact your neighbors.
  5. Ensure your submission has your neighbors' names, addresses, and proof of acknowledgement.
  6. More Documents?
  7. Upload additional proof of acknowledgement here.
  8. More Documents?
  9. Upload additional proof of acknowledgement here.
  10. More Documents?
  11. Upload additional proof of acknowledgement here.

    If you still have more proof of acknowledgement documents, you can upload additional documents with your detailed project plan below.
  12. About Your Project
    Please tell the ARB about the project you are planning. Please describe only one project per application. If you are planning multiple projects, we ask that you submit multiple forms, as this makes it easier for the ARB to review and approve your application. Applications with multiple projects in one application are generally more difficult for ARB to approve. See the architecture standards to see the kind of details the ARB will be interested in for your project.
  13. The project must be completed within 6 months of approval date or it will be necessary to re-apply.
  14. Please upload a property plat showing the location and footprint of your lot. If you are making changes to the exterior footprint of your house (additions, changes to deck footprint, changes to fencing, changes to playsets, etc.), you must indicate on the plat what your proposed project will look like.
  15. Color Changes*
    Will you be changing the color of 2 or more of your brick, siding, trim, shutters, door, garage door, or roof?
  16. If you are making these color changes, you need to upload a Property Color Comparison Chart (Appendix D). Please also include the brand/name of new colors in your application.
  17. Please upload a detailed plan to help the ARB understand the scope of your project. See the architecture standards for your project if you aren't sure what type of documentation the ARB will need. Specifically, remember to include:
    • Color photographs of affected areas
    • Drawings/diagrams with dimensions
    • Brand and color names of any relevant materials (i.e., brick, pavers, decking, siding, roofing, shutters, doors, trim, garage doors, etc.)
    • Species of relevant plants

    If you have more than one document to upload as part of your plan, please check the box to the right to upload more documents.
  18. More Documents?
  19. More Documents?
  20. More Documents?
  21. More Documents?
  22. More Documents?
  23. More Documents?
  24. More Documents?
  25. More Documents?
  26. More Documents?
  27. More Documents?
  28. If you still have more documents after this, try creating multi-page PDFs and uploading fewer files.
  29. Digital Signature
  30. I have read the Architectural Review Board (ARB) Standard(s) provisions relevant to this application and agree to abide by them. I understand that approval of this application by the ARB is not final for 10 days after ARB action has been taken to allow for the appeal process. In addition to complying with the Architectural and Design Standards, the change must also be in compliance with the applicable Fairfax County Laws and Ordinances.
  31. Confirmation
    Once you have submitted this form, you should be redirected to a confirmation page if your submission was successful. (And if you selected, a confirmation email will be sent to you.) Email if you have questions regarding if your submission was received.
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