Pool Cabana/Pool House

The following standards pertain to the alteration or new construction of an unattached
cabana/pool house. The cabana/pool house must be fabricated on site from wood or
composite materials or alternatively a pre-fabricated structure can be used. The
cabana/pool house must comply with the following architectural standards:

  • Property must include ARB approved pool or be jointly requested with construction for a new pool.
  • The architectural design, character, form, size and proportion of the cabana/pool house will be harmonious and consistent with the design and character of the existing house, structures and adjacent houses.
  • Cabana/pool house is a permanent freestanding structure with curtains and/or solid walls with windows and doors for privacy.
  • Entrance to cabana/pool house must be within 10 feet of the pool decking.
  • Cabana/pool house footprint on the ground will not exceed 200 square feet or 18 feet in height for lots less than 40,000 square feet.
  • Cabana/pool house footprint on the ground will not exceed 400 square feet or 18 feet in height for lots greater than 40,000 square feet.
  • Cabana/pool house made from wood must be properly maintained. Cabanas/pool houses that are stained or painted must be done so in a natural wood tone or use white/off white that matches the color of the siding or trim of house.
  • Roofs must be architecturally compatible with the roof on the applicant’s house and have a minimum pitch of 7/12. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis to maintain the architectural design and character of the existing structure.
  • Cabana/Pool House may have power, plumbing according to Fairfax County
    building code.
  • Cabana/Pool House must meet all Fairfax County Building Codes and lot zoning
    setback requirements.

Application Procedures

  • In addition to the basic application requirements, applications for Cabana/Pool
    Houses must include:
  • Property plat site plan showing relationship of the structure to house and lot lines.
  • Description of materials and colors to be used on Pool House as well as those on
    the house.
  • Detailed architectural drawing of proposed structure including dimensions and all

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