Maintenance Requirements

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of all grounds and structures on
their property. This includes, but is not limited to, such items as mowing grass, removal
of trash, removal of dead trees, removal of dead or weed type vegetation (including but
not limited to clover, chickweed, dandelions, etc.) structural maintenance and overall
appearance. Dumping of debris or lawn clippings on common areas/open space and
parkland is prohibited. Violations of maintenance standards will be considered
violations of Virginia Run Declaration reference Article VI, Section 2.

Maintenance includes replacement of like items with like items. For example,
replacement of brass exterior lighting with lighting of similar design, style and size in
brass requires no application prior to replacement. Maintenance of common areas
and/or storage of personal effects on common areas by individual lot owners are
prohibited unless written authorization is obtained from the Board.

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1. Introduction and General Information
2. Maintenance Requirements
3. County, State and Federal Regulations and Codes
4. Variances
5. Basic Application Procedures and Standards