Basic Application Procedures and Standards

An application is required for most exterior alterations, as defined by the
Architectural Standards. Applications are not required for routine maintenance of the
homeowner’s property where items are repaired or replaced with comparable or like
items. Where the Standards indicate “Pre-Approved”, an application for certain
improvements is not required so long as the homeowner complies with the standards
pertaining to the specific improvement. When granting a pre-approved status to a
specific Standard, the assumption made by the ARB is that the homeowners will
comply with not only the letter of the Standards, but also the spirit of the Standards.
The ARB has chosen this pre-approved status to minimize the level of effort required
to receive approval for routine repairs and simple changes to homeowner’s
residences, and to also reduce the paperwork required and processed by the
homeowners, ARB, Board, and the Management Company.

The application shall be submitted to the onsite Management Office no later than
4:00 PM the Friday before the regularly scheduled Tuesday ARB meeting. The ARB
typically meets the first Tuesday of each month to process homeowner applications.
All applications will be reviewed and results of the review provided to the
homeowner as soon as practical, allowing for holidays, volume of applications and
other delays.

A completed application packet includes all required documentation as outlined in
the Standards, including but not limited to:

  • the application with appropriate signatures of affected neighbors;
  • photographs, catalogue illustrations, drawings, renderings etc.; 
  • properly annotated plat;
  • Property Color Comparison Chart, when required; or 
  • Other supporting documentation as defined in the Standards

Packets determined by Management or the ARB to be incomplete will be returned to
the homeowner.
In the past several areas have caused problems for homeowners relative to submission
of the application. They include:

  • non-compliance with specific requirements of the appropriate section of the Standards;
  • missing plat/site plan;
  • misrepresented, inaccurate or erroneous location relative to the residence;
  • missing or inappropriate signatures of affected neighbors;
  • black and white photos, drawings or rendering used to explain color changes;
  • applications lacking dimensions, such as height, width and length, elevation changes;
  • missing distance from residence and lot lines;
  • incomplete or indeterminable color descriptions on Property Color Comparison

To ensure your application’s acceptance it is recommend that the homeowner
carefully review the Standards, prepare the application accordingly and review again
prior to submission. The goal of the ARB to is to approve all applications the first
time and minimize the modifications required.

Failure to submit an application for exterior modification to the grounds or structures
may result in an assessment against the homeowner. The Board may impose a $50
assessment for each offense that you have completed without ARB approval. These
charges may be treated as a delinquent assessment by the Association if not paid in a
timely manner. In addition, your use of the common areas and your ability to vote at
meetings of the Association may be suspended, and the Association may seek
removal and compensation from the courts.

Homeowners are reminded to contact Miss Utility and “call before you dig”.

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