Introduction and General Information

Virginia Run and The Ridings of Virginia Run are carefully planned communities,
which include the community facilities and 1,406 residences, from here forward,
known as Virginia Run. The Virginia Run Community Association (VRCA) is a
nonprofit corporation to which all property owners in Virginia Run are members. A
Board of Trustees (the Board) elected by the members of the Association, is
responsible for the operation of the Virginia Run Community.

This document describes the function and purpose of the VRCA relating to
architectural policies, as well as the applicable rules, regulations and standards for
new construction and external change and improvements to properties within the
Virginia Run Community. Enforcement of these rules is the responsibility of
Virginia Run Management and the Board and not the Architectural Review Board
(ARB). The ARB reviews applications and approves, approves with stipulation or
rejects each one according to this set of architectural standards.

The Virginia Run Community Association’s mission is to preserve and enhance the
property values, amenities, and opportunities in the community. It contributes to the
health, safety, enjoyment and welfare of all residents and is charged with maintaining
the common properties and ensuring that the plan of development for the community
is preserved. Although each lot is owned privately, and the common areas are for the
use of all members of the community, there are certain restrictions and standards for
the use, improvement and alteration to the properties within Virginia Run. By
monitoring the exterior design of improvements within Virginia Run and by
regulating the use of properties within the community, the Association is able to
maintain a high standard of aesthetic quality, community identity and functional
cohesiveness that enhances property values and promotes a harmonious community.

The Architectural Standards set forth in this resolution have been created by the
ARB, reviewed by the residents, and approved by the Board for the purpose of
informing all owners within Virginia Run of the applicable regulations for new
construction, alterations and improvements to properties within the Community.
They have also been amended periodically in response to issues that have arisen in
their enforcement and implementation.

Under the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (the Declaration) that governs the use and development of all properties within Virginia Run (which remains in full force and effect, and as propagated by these ARB Standards), the guiding principle is that, “no improvements, alterations, repairs, change of paint
colors, excavations, change in grade, or other work which in any way alters the
exterior of any property or common area or the improvements located thereon
from its natural or improved state may be made or done without the prior
written approval of the ARB.”
Further, the Declaration provides that no building, residence, or the structure, fence, wall or landscaping may be commenced, erected, maintained, improved or altered, on any property without the prior written approval of the ARB. (Reference Declaration, Article VI. Section 1.c.) Some improvements described in this document do not require a formal application. These exceptions are described in the Standards and identified as “Pre-Approved.”

Therefore, it is the policy of the Board that all new construction and/or improvements
made to any property within Virginia Run will be subject to the prior written
approval of the ARB. New construction and/or improvements will be in accordance
with the Founding Documents of the Association, all rules and regulations of the
Association and the standards contained in this document. Reference Declaration
Article III. Section 4. Furthermore, under Policy Resolution #6, all non-applicants
are entitled to a 10 - day period in which to appeal a decision of the ARB granting
approval for an improvement. For this reason, “Proof of Notification” of adjacent
neighbors is required for all improvements. Alternately, copies of the Exterior
Alteration Application must be mailed to the adjacent neighbors. In this case, a copy
of the form, which was mailed to the neighbor and a certified Mail Return receipt,
must be substituted for signed copies of the application.

Under the Declaration, it is the duty of the ARB to approve, approve with stipulation
or reject the application for all improvements to preserve and enhance values and
maintain a harmonious relationship between structures and the natural vegetation and

In the event the ARB fails to approve, modify, or disapprove in writing a correctly
filed application within forty-five (45) days, approval will be deemed granted. Total
or partial disapproval will include the reasons for such disapproval.

An applicant may appeal an adverse ARB decision to the ARB or the Board within
ten (10) days of notice of the disapproval of the application. The ARB or the Board
may reaffirm, reverse, or modify such decision.

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