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June 16, 2020 5:00 PM

Pool Opening Information

As many of you have read Virginia Run plans to open the pool to members on the 27th

If this email comes from Civic Plus, you are properly registered on the new website and signed up for pool notifications. If the email comes from Management@virginiarun.com, you are either not registered on the new website or you did not choose pool notifications. We apologize for duplicate notifications.

As many of you have read Virginia Run plans to open the pool to members on the 27th

As an initial step, we will setup the software that allows you to register for times at the pool with the information you provided on virginiarun.com.

I didn’t sign into virginiarun.com yet
If you haven’t signed up yet, please do using the directions below by this Friday. Then follow the directions for “I already have an account”. If you bump into trouble, please DM me or reach me through management@viginiarun.com.

I already have an account
If you already have an account on virginiarun.com make sure your Name, Email and phone are up to date. Do this by signing in first and As many of you have read reviewing your info in the directory

If you need to make changes or are not in the directory, complete this form

We will use this information to provide you with access to the pool scheduling software. More information will follow but this is an immediate step you can take in preparation of the pool opening. Lastly, sign up for notifications as we will be updating the community with some frequency. Directions are also below.

Signing up for your account on virginiarun.com.
You’ll only have to do this once.
• Go to virginiarun.com. Click on “Sign in” on the top right-hand corner.
• On the Sign in screen click “Existing Account”
• Enter the same email you used to sign into the old website. (if you forgot it, ask management@virginiarun.com with a subject line "virginiarun.com email".)
• Click “Reset Password” under the Sign in button.
• Look for the Civic Plus email to reset your password and follow the directions.
• Once complete, you might land on a page that’s white and shows “platform information.” Ignore it.
• Type in virginiarun.com in the browser URL bar, hit enter and click sign in top right, click existing account and enter the new information. And you should be in 🙂

Go to Notification Preferences (Under Community at the top of the page).
Follow the directions up top. Subscribe to “Community News” and any others you might be interested in.

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