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Update on American Disposal Trash Service
Posted on May 7th, 2019

Virginia Run Management had a meeting on Monday with the Sales Manager at American Disposal.  He confirmed that American Disposal is not the only trash company having an issue (see Inside NOVA article) - - but American Disposal has the largest share of the homeowner association business, so their name comes up most often. 


An additional article from Supervisor John Cook is available here.


This staffing issue started in October, before they were acquired by Waste Connections, Inc. in December 2018, due to a good economy and equivalent wages being available at less physically challenging occupations.  Most yard waste collection days are on Wednesday for single family developments and only from March to October.  Virginia Run’s contract requires yard waste on Mondays, twelve months of the year so we did not start seeing an issue until March. 


They have begun to bring drivers in from across the country on a temporary basis to fill the shortages.  They are holding job fairs and offering bonuses to attract qualified drivers. 


They have large contracts out in Leesburg and Loudon County for local government that they have given 60 days’ notice to cancel so they can free up crews to service the HOAs.


Trash days for HOAs are either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday leaving yard waste for Wednesdays.  There don’t see any clear way to move trash to keep yard waste on Mondays right now. 


They are having daily meetings with Operations trying to come up with a better short-term solution. 


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